zoe shelley

Head of the Niko Physique Personal Training team and teeming with experience, Zoe is a body transformation expert in her own right.  In her own words:

"I am passionate about leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle achieved through training hard and clean eating. I use a mixture of crossfit, strength and conditioning, TRX, kettlebells, reformer pilates, yoga and general gym based exercise."



£80/hr single session

£750 x 10 sessions


sally dixon

Sally is a qualified Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor and completely fitness mad.  Sally has helped hundreds of clients rekindle their natural posture and rejuvenate their fitness levels through carefully constructed programmes.  She's a part of the Niko Physique team because she lives and breathes fitness on every level.


Reformer or Mat pilates in Sally's private studio £90/hr

£800 x 10 sessions