Client testimonials

Liz, 33  - Counsel

“ Niko always manages to make our sessions both fun and challenging. I was initially nervous that someone with such an obviously fantastic physique would understand what it is like for the rest of us. However, whilst pushing me to my limits he knows what my limits are and that they can change from session to session depending on what else is going on in my life. It is a truly personal service and Niko delivers it with humour, patience and the utmost professionalism. Seeing Niko twice a week has made a huge difference to how I feel and how I look. I would recommend him to anyone, no matter what their goals.”


Sarah, 31 - Business Development Executive

"At first glance I took him for one of those typical muscle bound, a bit brainless albeit lovely looking personal trainers hammering out cheesy lines to a class of sweaty girls.  80 odd pilates classes later, 50 plus hours personal training hours later proved Niko is far much more than that.  He's turned a hapless, mostly unmotivated girl into a stubbornly competitive, training devotee.  Through his easy charm backed with loads of expertise (read his CV its all true) he makes training seem not so much like training. He's changed my body definitely that's the easy part for him but more importantly though he's change my mind set, that is the hard part. What do they say about judging a book by its cover..." 


Carrie, 42 - Designer

"Never been training before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Niko's shown me how I can get the most out of my work out and actually want to keep on doing it. By constantly keeping it interesting & changing the routine, he can motivate me even when doing the most gruelling sessions and knows exactly how to target areas of my body to see results I never imagined.  He's brought a change to my body and attitude that only truly intelligent, experienced, proper trainer could do." 


Joanna, 38 - Entrepeneur

"Been training with Niko for nearly 2yrs now and I still keep coming back. He's given me the drive and motivation to really care about my fitness and want to do more. We never do the same thing and he always makes sure to keep challenging & pushing me all without me really realizing. He's the gym without the dread of the gym. He's been amazing in making me feel and actually getting me fit this makes me feel happier, healthier and less stressed. I don't love training but do love training with Niko."