If you're a TRX fan here you'll find a variation of exercises to apply to all body parts for a total body workout. Any requests please let me know and keep checking back for more videos.

TRX - Whole Body Warm Up to get to ready for the session

TRX Push Up - Advanced

TRX Core - Push up with Knee Tuck and Pike

TRX Core - Gymnastic Swing to one arm

TRX Core - The Russian Twist

TRX Core - Advanced Russian Twist

TRX Legs - Single leg hip raise (Hamstrings and glutes)

TRX Legs - Single Leg Lunge with Jump

TRX Legs - Jumping Squat over box

TRX Total Body - Single leg swinging lunge with scorpio twist

TRX Legs - Jumping squats

TRX Total Body - Incline Push-Up with Crunch

TRX Legs - Jumping Courtesy

TRX Core - Single Arm Torso Twist

TRX Upper Body - Upper Body Medley