I Have recently become the Fitness and Nutrition expert for London Live.  The links to the last two appearances are below.  Check back next week for more!




April 2012 Cosmopolitan Workout Tip - The All Rounder for great legs,bum and arms!


March 2012 Cosmopolitan Workout tip - Stronger core, flat stomach and strong back


February Cosmopolitan Video - Shoulder work-out


My Top 5 Ski-Fit exercises as featured in The Times and Independent


January Cosmopolitan Video

Side Plank for a toned waist

December Cosmopolitan Video

Get Great Arms!!

November Cosmopolitan Video

Split Squat for great legs and bum

October issue of Cosompoltian workout video

The Resitance Band leg split

My first month in Cosmopolitan Magazine and online

The Double Leg Lift and nutritional tip of the month


My first personal training TV appearance on Daybreak 27th June 2011